Catering Trailer / Portable Cabin Insurance

Catering Trailer / Portable Cabin Insurance, for more information or to get a quote, please call 01384 429 904

Product Overview

Our policies are tailor-made and cover ADFT, AD Fire, and AD Only. We cover the trailers and permanent fixtures and fittings (including stand alone fixtures and fittings on Portable Cabins).

We cover Handcarts, Tricycles, Baked Potato Ovens, Chocolate Fountains and many more. Excess of £250 applies. Stock, Money and Terrorism cover is an optional add on.


  • Immediate cover available
  • Quotation Form available for download
  • Immediate quotations available
  • NCB Structure
  • No photos required
  • Discounts for multi-trailers
  • 30 day statement
  • 10% commission payable

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Catering Trailer / Portable Cabin Insurance Documents to Download

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