Catering Market Trader Insurance

Catering Market Trader Insurance

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Do market traders need catering business insurance?

Starting your own food or mobile coffee business as a market trader is a popular way to get into the catering world. But while the rewards can be substantial there are also many challenges that you’ll need to face along the way.

A market stall business is the perfect place from which to sell food. But from protecting your business premises from property damage to defending a potential action arising from a food poisoning incident, there’s a whole range of risks you might need caterers' insurance to cover you for.

What types of catering business insurance are there for market traders?

Whether you’re selling sandwiches to students on the street, hot soups at an indoor food market, burgers to hungry festival goers or have a regular slot delivering great food to famished families at your local farmer’s market, you’ll need insurance.

But what kind of catering insurance policies should you be looking for as a market trader? Well, some are legally required while others are just a very good idea. Here’s a list of 10 of the most common caterers' insurance cover options taken out by market traders.

  1. Public liability cover*

What happens if someone trips over a wire trailing from your stall and sues you? Or your stall collapses and causes accidental damage to someone’s car? A public liability policy will come to your aid.

  1. Product liability cover*

A great insurance option to guard against legal claims if, for example, someone falls ill with food poisoning or has an allergic reaction to something they ate from your market stall.

Falling foul of the law and attracting claims can really affect your bottom line and your reputation, so it's wise to insure your business so you don't end up paying extra costs.

  1. Employers liability cover*

If you employ people, then you’re legally required to have this type of insurance. Check your existing policy to make sure you're covered for an injury or illness caused to an employee.

  1. Stock cover

Damage caused to your market stall stock could seriously affect your ability to trade. Stock insurance cover will mean you won’t be stuck with nothing to sell and no cash to buy replacement supplies.

Here at Mobilers, this coverage is only sold alongside commercial combined insurance or catering trailer insurance and not sold as a standalone policy.

  1. Vehicle insurance

A mobile caterer requires a reliable vehicle to transport you and your business equipment around to reach all those customers. Protect your car or van with vehicle insurance from a specialist who understands mobile catering's unique risks.

  1. Business interruption

If something happens and you can’t trade, then this cover may help in tying you over until you can get back on track. Here at Mobilers, this coverage is only sold alongside commercial combined insurance and not sold as a standalone policy.

  1. Legal expenses cover

Taking legal action when you’re in a dispute with a supplier or customer can be an expensive business without insurance. Here at Mobilers, legal expenses cover can be sold on its own or as an add-on to a vehicle policy. However, if you purchase a liability policy, it will be included within it’s coverage.

  1. Generator cover

An important part of keeping a catering market stall running, this is an essential and expensive piece of kit that’s well worth insuring. Here at Mobilers, generator cover is covered when you take out a commercial combined policy.

  1. Business equipment cover

And what about business essentials like chef’s knives, food mixers and work laptops and tablets? Do you employees have business devices? You might want to cover these, too.

  1. Money cover

Market stalls can be a target for opportunistic thieves as they know you’ll probably be carrying a decent amount of cash, particularly after a big event.

Money cover could come to the rescue if your takings are targeted by criminals. We sell this cover alongside our commercial combined insurance policy.

*Here at Mobilers, we only offer two liability options which are Public & Product Liability Insurance or Public, Product & Employers Liability Insurance

Do market traders need public liability insurance?

While you’re not under a legal responsibility to take out public liability insurance, many local councils or market organisers will require you to have it. Here at Mobilers, our policies can be increased to provide £10 million of public liability insurance cover if stipulated under contract or regulatory requirements.

Do market traders need product liability insurance?

The last thing any mobile catering professional wants is to give their customers food poisoning. Product liability insurance covers you for the financial fall-out if something you sell causes damage or illness to a customer.

Do I have to take out employer's liability insurance?

If you employ people then, yes, you are legally obliged to take out employer’s liability insurance. And that’s the case even if they work part-time or are a member of your family. If you don’t have valid employer’s liability insurance then you can be fined £2,500 for every day you’re not properly insured.

How much does catering market traders insurance cost?

There's no one-price-fits all when it comes to catering insurance cover. The catering insurance cost will vary depending on your specific business needs. Mobilers will want to know many staff you have, where you operate, if you're involved in any other business activities and what kinds of business equipment you operate in order to search for the most competitive quotes.

Call one of our friendly team members today or request an insurance quote online. They'll be sure to come up with a bespoke market traders insurance policy that's just right for you.

Five top tips for finding the best value mobile catering insurance

Finding the best value insurance is straightforward if you follow these five top tips.

  1. Shop around. Different insurers assess risks differently so you’ll want to compare prices from several companies. Whether you're looking for public and product liability or employer's liability cover, Mobilers can help.
  2. Speak to the specialists. Comparing insurance quotes takes time – time that you could be spending on your business. Let the team at Mobilers do the hard work for you.
  3. Never simply renew. Always speak to Mobilers to see if you're getting the best deal on insurance policies.
  4. Look for bespoke cover. If you want the best value insurance then you’ll want a catering insurance policy that most closely suits your exact business needs.
  5. Check the small print. Some caterers' insurance might only provide the minimum level of cover. Always read your policy to make sure you understand what's covered and what's not.

Why choose Mobilers for catering market trader insurance?

  • Over 20+ years’ experience working with catering businesses and insurers
  • Quotes in minutes
  • Instant cover available
  • Exclusive products and schemes not available elsewhere
  • Bespoke cover perfect for you
  • Three liability insurance options to choose from: employer's liability insurance, public liability insurance and products liability insurance
  • Flexible payment options for our customers
  • Chosen by thousands of traders and market stall holders across the UK to protect their businesses
  • Friendly and knowledgeable specialist support just a phone call away

As a catering market trader/ market stall holder, you want to keep your market stall open for business for all your regulars and newcomers.

The insurance we arrange for a mobile catering business, offers 12-month policies, with instant cover available.


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Frequently asked questions

While operating a catering business within the market trade, having insurance is not only a smart business move but, in many cases, it is also a legal requirement. Market trader insurance cover can protect you from unexpected events such as customer injuries, property damage, or other liabilities that could potentially lead to significant financial loss. Therefore, it is not only about fulfilling a legal obligation; it’s about safeguarding your livelihood and reputation in the market.

If your mobile catering business also offers alcohol, you can be assured you can still get coverage. Operating a mobile catering business that offers alcohol comes with its own set of unique risks and challenges. That's why it's essential to have a insurance plan in place that covers all aspects such as your alcohol service.

We understand that each mobile catering business is unique and has its own set of specific requirements. That's why we offer bespoke cover to meet your individual needs. Whether you're a food truck at festivals or a coffee cart at corporate events, Mobilers can provide coverage that can be bespoke for your unique operation.