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How to apply for a burger van pitch in the UK

Curious about how to secure a burger van pitch in the UK? Applying for a spot doesn't have to be a mystery. By following a few straightforward steps, you can increase your chances of snagging a prime location for your business.

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Researching potential spots, gathering necessary paperwork, and reaching out to local authorities are all key components of the process. Attending pitch events, crafting a solid business plan, and tailoring your application to each location can also boost your application's success.

Remember to follow up and stay persistent - determination often pays off when it comes to landing that ideal burger van pitch in the UK.

Key takeaways

  • Prioritise high foot traffic areas and choose spots near busy streets, parks, or office buildings
  • Ensure all documentation and legal compliance requirements are met, including obtaining necessary permits, licences, and insurance
  • Develop a thorough business plan with detailed financial considerations, market research, and pricing strategies
  • Utilise networking and follow-up strategies to increase visibility, receive feedback, and connect with potential collaborators and event organisers

Research potential locations

When researching potential locations for your burger van pitch in the UK, prioritise accessibility. Choose spots with high foot traffic, such as busy streets, parks, or near office buildings.

Consider areas with events or markets that draw crowds. Accessibility is crucial for attracting customers and ensuring steady business. Look for places with parking facilities nearby for both customers and yourself.

Assess the competition in the area to determine if there's a demand for your offerings. Engage with the local community to understand their preferences and potential opportunities for collaboration or promotion.

Remember, the location of your burger van can significantly impact your sales and overall success. Once you have identified a few promising locations, it's time to move on to gathering the required documents for applying for a pitch permit.

Transitioning into the next section, securing the necessary paperwork is essential to legally operate your burger van in your chosen location.

Gather required documents

To legally operate your burger van in your chosen location, you must gather the required permits and licences. Begin by obtaining a mobile street food vendor licence, which is essential for operating a food truck or van in the UK.

This street trading licence ensures that you comply with health and safety regulations and local laws. You must obtain a food hygiene certificate, formally known as a food safety management system. This certificate demonstrates that you and your staff understand how to handle food safely.

It's crucial for maintaining high standards of food hygiene and ensuring the health of your customers. Make sure to have all necessary vehicle documentation, such as valid mot certificates and vehicle insurance. Check out our blog on what mobile catering trailers legally need to have for some more information.

Once you have gathered all the required documents, you'll be ready to proceed to the next step: contacting local authorities to secure your burger van pitch.

Contact local authorities

Once you have gathered all the required documents, contact the local authorities to secure your burger van pitch. Local authorities play a crucial role in granting planning permission for setting up food businesses in specific areas. To streamline your communication with them, it's essential to know who to contact and what information they may require.

Below is a helpful table outlining the basic contact information for some major cities in the UK:

City Local authority Contact information
London  Greater London council 020 7983 4100
Manchester Manchester City council 0161 234 5000
Birmingham  Birmingham City council 0121 303 1111
Glasgow Glasgow City council 0141 287 2000
When reaching out to local authorities, be prepared to provide details about your business, including your burger van setup, hygiene practices, and any necessary certifications.

Remember to be courteous and professional in your interactions as you navigate the process of securing space for a burger van pitch.

Attend pitch events

Make sure to attend pitch events in your area to increase your chances of securing a burger van pitch for your roadside catering business. Pitch events provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your burger van concept, network with potential customers, and connect with event organisers looking for food vendors.

Here are three key reasons why attending pitch events is crucial for securing a burger van pitch:

  1. Visibility: Being present at pitch events allows you to increase your visibility within the local community and among event organisers. This exposure can help create brand awareness and attract potential customers to your burger van.

  2. Networking: Pitch events are a great place to network with other food vendors, event organisers, and potential collaborators. Building these relationships can open up new opportunities for partnerships and future events.

  3. Feedback: Attending pitch events gives you the chance to receive valuable feedback from attendees and organisers. This feedback can help you refine your menu, pricing, and overall presentation to better appeal to your target market.

Prepare a business plan

Before you secure a burger van pitch in the UK, remember that market research is essential and financial projections are crucial.

Conduct a thorough analysis of your target market to understand its needs and preferences.

Use this information to create detailed financial forecasts that demonstrate the viability of your burger van business.

Market research essential

Conduct thorough market research to pinpoint potential locations and assess customer demand before drafting your business plan for a burger van pitch in the UK.

Start by understanding the local demographics and foot traffic in different areas to identify prime locations. Consider the competition in each area to gauge market saturation and potential demand for your offerings.

Gather insights on popular food trends and consumer preferences to tailor your menu and marketing strategies effectively.

Financial projections crucial

Prepare detailed financial projections when setting up your burger van business plan for a pitch in the UK. These projections are essential for demonstrating the financial viability and potential success of your venture to potential investors or lenders.

By creating a comprehensive business plan with accurate financial forecasts, you can showcase your understanding of the market, costs, and revenue streams. Here's a simple table to guide you in outlining your financial projections:

Revenue  Costs Profit
£x £y £z
Ensure your financial projections are realistic and based on thorough research to increase the credibility of your business plan and improve your chances of securing a prime burger van pitch location in the UK.

Customise your application

How can you tailor your application to stand out when applying for a burger van pitch in the UK? Customising your application is key to making a strong impression and increasing your chances of securing a pitch. Here are some tips to help you personalise your application effectively:

  • Research the location: Understand the area where the pitch is located. Tailor your application to highlight how your burger van can cater to the specific demographics and preferences of that location.
  • Showcase your unique selling point: Clearly outline what sets your burger van apart from the competition. Whether it's a special recipe, a unique menu item, or exceptional customer service, make sure to emphasise what makes your offering special.
  • Highlight relevant experience: If you have prior experience in the food industry or running a mobile food business, be sure to showcase this in your application. Demonstrating your expertise and track record can instil confidence in the selection committee.

Follow up and stay persistent

When applying for a burger van pitch in the UK, ensure you maintain regular communication and demonstrate persistence to increase your chances of success. Following up on your application and staying persistent shows your commitment and interest in securing the pitch.

Here are some tips to help you effectively follow up and stay persistent during the application process:

Follow-up tip Description Importance
Send a thank-you email Express gratitude for the opportunity to apply and reiterate your interest in the mobile catering pitch. Shows professionalism and leaves a positive impression.
Schedule a follow-up call Arrange a call to enquire about the status of your application and express your enthusiasm. Demonstrates your proactive approach and eagerness.
Attend events or markets Visit the location where you want to set up your mobile catering business to network and showcase your passion for your roadside catering business. Allows you to establish connections and familiarise yourself with the environment.


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Don't delay, delve into the details and determine your destiny as a burger van vendor in the UK. Remember to research, gather, contact, attend, prepare, customise, and follow up to secure your spot.

Persistence pays off in the pursuit of a prime pitch. Let your passion for patties propel you towards prosperity in the mobile catering industry.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any specific health and safety regulations that apply to operating a burger van in the UK?

Navigating health and safety regulations for a burger van in the UK is crucial. Ensure compliance with guidelines on food hygiene, equipment safety, and fire prevention. Prioritise customer and staff well-being by staying informed and proactive.

What are some common challenges or obstacles that burger van owners face when applying for pitches?

When applying for roadside pitches, common challenges for burger van owners include competition for prime locations, navigating local regulations, securing permits, and dealing with fluctuating foot traffic. It's crucial to plan strategically and adapt to obstacles.

How can I stand out from other applicants when submitting my application for a burger van pitch?

To stand out from other applicants for a burger van pitch, emphasise your unique menu offerings, showcase your branding and presentation, highlight any positive customer feedback or reviews, and demonstrate your commitment to quality and service.

Are there any specific permits or licences required to operate a burger van in certain locations in the UK?

To operate a burger van in certain UK locations, you'll need specific permits and licences. These requirements vary, so it's crucial to research and obtain the necessary documentation to comply with regulations and serve delicious burgers legally.

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