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Brilliant breakfast menu ideas for mobile caterers in the UK | Fill the gap in the market

If you’ve been in the mobile catering business for a while, you don’t need us to tell you food trucks aren’t just about lunch and dinner. They’re perfect for breakfast time, too! But not every catering business owner has seen the potential.

So, whether you already own a catering trailer and want to add some breakfast items to the menu or want to launch a new breakfast-focused business in the new year, we’ve got some brilliant breakfast menu ideas for you. Perfect to help you fill this gap in the market!

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Breakfast in the UK – the best way to start the day

With as many as 20% of Brits admitting to skipping breakfast, the earliest meal of the day seems to be the first that’s jettisoned when it comes to dieting or when time is tight. However, the NHS suggests this is a big mistake as research shows those who eat breakfast tend to be slimmer and healthier than those who don’t.

If you’re trying to catch even a small proportion of the millions of Brits who grab breakfast on the go every day, then you’ll need some tasty menu ideas to entice them. Add some of the menu suggestions below or at least try them out and see how quickly they get gobbled up.

Smoothies and juice

Let’s start off with perhaps the lightest and most healthy option around. Smoothies and juices are great for those looking for a lighter bite to start the day. And they’re also the perfect portable option for those on the morning commute.

And because there are so many different combinations you can make, you can cater to a very broad range of tastes. From green smoothies filled with kale and cucumber, super-thick mixed berry smoothies drizzled with honey and sprinkled with nuts and seeds, to fresh fruit or vegetable juices. Profits on these types of products can be pretty high if you hit on the right combinations for the right market.

With that in mind, apparently Bristolians are 38% more likely to drink juice for breakfast than coffee in comparison to any other city. That’s the kind of market knowledge you need to stay ahead of the competition!

Just be aware that preparing gallons of smoothies and juices every day will require a fair amount of clean up time throughout the day.


Recent research shows oats are the most popular ingredient for a healthy breakfast, closely followed by bananas and berries. So, it’s no surprise to find that the not-so-humble bowl of porridge has become a remarkably popular go-to breakfast item in places ranging from fast food outlets to posh porridge cafes. But it also makes a great addition to any mobile breakfast menu.

It really is ideal for a mobile catering business as it’s very cost-effective to produce and also very versatile in terms of the toppings you can add. Customers can make it as healthy or as decadent as they want depending on their mood or dietary requirements.

Better yet, newly published results from a long-term study into the causes of cardiovascular disease have linked eating porridge to a reduced risk of heart disease, obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Researchers found eating three servings of wholegrains a day could lead to lower blood pressure and blood-sugar levels. If that doesn’t get customers eating, we don’t know what will!

The NHS has a recipe for an excellent energy boosting Apple Pie Porridge. Combining comforting porridge with the flavours of a classic homemade apple pie. It’s perfect for those customers desperate to keep warm on a cold winter’s morning.


Students and school run mums and dads are always looking for a quick fix to fit in with hectic schedules. A popular product aimed at this kind of customer is the sweet and tasty muffin. They’re so easy to make beforehand and come in a bewildering range of flavours. There are plenty of naughty but nice muffins out there packing in the calories, fat and sugar. But you can also go for wholegrain muffins and those filled with nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fruits. For example, a seasonal blueberry bran muffin is full of antioxidants and good-for-you fibre.

A muffin is easy to grab on the go and perfect for a morning catch-up over tea or coffee. Even better, they work well as part of a morning meal deal. If someone’s already grabbing a coffee, then offering great value with an additional muffin can have a big effect on your bottom line. For example, when high street bakery chain Greggs launched a £2 breakfast deal it saw its sales soar!


Mmmm, are there many things better for a breakfast treat than a warm waffle? Light and fluffy in the middle and crisp golden brown on the outside, these little Belgian treats are popular among food truck aficionados. While sweet toppings such as fruit, chocolate and caramel sauce are great, remember to include savoury toppings like scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, too. Not everyone has such a sweet tooth at breakfast time.

You’ll need to take into account that to achieve waffle perfection, you’ll need to use the right tools as well as the best ingredients. So, add a heavy-duty mixer and a commercial waffle maker to your set-up shopping list. And don’t skimp. While you might think just any waffle maker will do the job, they won’t! To achieve perfectly crispy, yet fluffy waffles every time, you’ll need a commercial-grade waffle maker.

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Breakfast burrito

Among savvy office workers looking for high-end breakfast trends and international flavours the Mexican-inspired breakfast burrito is uber-popular. It’s just like the traditional burrito (tortilla wrap filled with meats, rice, and beans) but filled with breakfast ingredients such as scrambled eggs, cheese, beans, tomatoes, and bacon. But there’s nothing to say customers have to stick with those, there’s no reason why grilled chicken, avocado and shredded hash browns can’t be a winner, too.

The ingredients are easy to source and reuse across different meal types during the day – providing excellent flexibility for your mobile catering business. Burritos are also very straightforward to make and require limited space. There’s also a great opportunity to up-sell to customers on premium ingredients like guacamole and Monterey Jack cheese to further increase revenue.

If you’re looking to spice up your breakfast menu with further Mexican-inspired items then there are plenty to choose from. Here’s a couple of tasty treats to get even the most jaded foodie salivating!

  • Breakfast tacos - Simply add scrambled eggs, topped with pico de gallo, black beans, and cilantro for a delicious breakfast taco.
  • Mexican breakfast chilaquiles - Chilaquiles are fried tortillas soaked in salsa, topped with taco-like ingredients and a fried egg. Yes, they do taste as good as they sound!
  • Huevos rancheros tacos - Deliciously soft tortillas. This time stuffed with eggs, beans, chilli, tomato, cheese, and avocado.


English breakfast baguette

The ‘Full English’ is a staple of many cafes throughout the country, but there’s no reason why mobile caterers can’t grab a slice of the action. Simple, but very tasty and relatively easy to produce, the humble English breakfast baguette could prove a real winner for those who need a hefty dose of energy for their working day! And it’s not just construction workers who will be queuing up. At the weekends a hearty hot breakfast is a popular treat for families up and down the country before they head out on their weekend adventures.

As a lower-calorie alternative to a filled baguette, how about a traditional English breakfast muffin with poached egg, ham and fresh spinach? A delicious twist on a classic!


Did you know that in the UK we eat more than 320 million bagels a year? Originating in the Jewish communities of Poland, bagels are a very versatile breakfast menu item for mobile catering trailers. From cream cheese and smoked salmon to honey and blueberries there’s an endless array of different toppings to offer. And just like sandwiches they’re ideal menu items. Why? Well, they don’t take long to assemble so you can avoid long waiting times and queues. And they can be carried easily by customers meaning you cut down on the amount of packaging you have to provide. A win win!

Greek yoghurt

The vast majority of Brits say that health is an important consideration when it comes to making breakfast choices. And this has become even more so as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. But even for those looking for a healthy breakfast very few want to sacrifice taste!

Deliciously thick and creamy Greek yoghurt with additions such as oats, nuts, seeds and berries strike a great balance in delivering on these health and taste requirements. It’s also easy to prepare safely, high in protein, and great for people on the move. Perfect for these turbulent times!

Smashed avocado, with eggs on toast

Continuing with our emphasis on the health benefits of breakfast, then this menu item is hard to beat. According to BBC Good Food, smashed avocados are packed full of nutrients, help protect against heart disease, help lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and help regulate appetite.

‘Go to work on an egg’ was an incredibly successful advertising slogan of the 1950s and 60s, but there was a lot of sense in it. Eggs are an incredibly healthy source of protein and extremely popular among 18 to 24 year olds. Around 52% of this group chose eggs as their most popular healthy breakfast ingredient, compared with 43% of over-55s.

And let’s not forget about the traditional favourite - toast! Elevate your offering by using fancy artisan breads such as sourdough and multi-grain. It’s a great way to differentiate yourself from your breakfast truck rivals.

The NHS recommends this menu item as the perfect protein-packed breakfast to start the day. So, put that on your marketing materials!

American pancakes

Another timeless classic, these fluffy and tasty breakfast staples couldn’t be simpler to make. Just make the batter beforehand in large batches, store it safely and you’re good to go. They’re stackable and versatile with a vast array of combinations to be had. Regular customers could eat pancakes everyday and not eat the same thing twice! Just have a decent griddle and an endless supply of berries, nuts and syrups, and you’ll keep customers happy!

If you want, you can provide even more flexibility and healthier pancake options using grains, sourdough or gluten-free ingredients. All at a comparatively low cost.



Customers looking for a truly fast on-the-go option can’t go wrong with a delicious pastry. Whether almond or chocolate croissants or cinnamon rolls they’re all great as an additional item with your morning coffee.

Be aware there can sometimes be strong regional differences when it comes to a customer's favoured breakfast option. For example, recent research found that 24% of Cardiff customers love to grab a pastry, compared to just 5% of those in Plymouth.

French crepes

Thin and delicately crisp crepes are one of the original food truck items, and particularly good for breakfast. Popular choices include the savoury egg, cheese, and ham mix to the sweet Nutella and banana. Your biggest problem will be trying to resist eating them yourself!

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Frequently asked questions

Is it easy to add coffee into my breakfast offering for my mobile catering business?

Adding coffee into your breakfast offering for your mobile catering business is not only easy but also a fantastic idea. Coffee is a staple in most people's morning routine, and providing it can greatly increase your customer satisfaction.

Whether you're serving up fresh pastries or hearty breakfast burritos, a cup of joe is the perfect accompaniment. You just need a reliable coffee maker, quality beans, and perhaps a selection of creamers and sweeteners.

Should I use online or offline marketing to advertise my mobile catering business?

A successful marketing strategy should integrate both online and offline methods. This way, you can maximise your reach and brand visibility, appealing to a diverse range of customers to effectively advertise your mobile catering business.

Online marketing, particularly through social media, can reach a wide audience quickly and cost-effectively. You can easily showcase your menu, share customer reviews and update followers about your location for the day.

Offline marketing, on the other hand, has its own unique benefits. It can often be more targeted, placing your business directly in front of local consumers who are likely to use your service. For a mobile catering business, this could involve distributing flyers at local events, advertising in community newspapers, or even sponsoring local sports teams or community events.

Is it important to have variety within my breakfast menu for my mobile catering business?

Having a variety within your breakfast menu can significantly boost your mobile catering business. This not only caters to a broader range of customer tastes and dietary requirements, but it also keeps your regulars excited about your offerings.

Whether it's vegan options, gluten-free pancakes, or protein-packed breakfast burritos, adding diverse choices can make your business stand out. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and providing a variety on your menu ensures everyone starts their day right.

Should I have vegan options within my breakfast menu for my mobile catering business?

Inclusion of a vegan variety within your breakfast menu can be a game changer for your mobile catering business. As more people are opting for plant-based diets, having vegan options will not only appeal to a wider audience but also communicate your brand's commitment to inclusivity and flexibility.

Adding this variety can potentially boost your business by attracting customers who appreciate and seek out businesses that cater to dietary needs. It's a small change that can make a big impact! So, go ahead and add some delicious vegan options to your breakfast menu.

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