Coffee Vehicle Insurance

Coffee Vehicle Insurance

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With almost 100 million cups of coffee drunk in the UK every day, it’s clear that many of us can’t get enough of this delicious brew. And with UK consumers estimated to spend over £4bn in coffee shops every year, it’s no wonder that the mobile coffee market is attracting business-minded baristas.

From vintage VW campers and Airstream trailers to modified bikes and trikes, there are so many exciting coffee vans to choose from. And if you’re a mobile caterer who knows their way around the coffee shop classics, then don’t forget to have the right coffee van insurance in place to guard against any potential problems.

What is coffee vehicle insurance and do I need it?

The smell of freshly-brewed coffee will attract everyone from lunchtime diners to festival goers. And whether you’re setting up a mobile coffee van as a full-time business or something to earn some extra cash on the weekends, it’s vital to get the basics right from the start.

When operating a mobile coffee business, you’ll really want the right insurance cover from day one, and this undoubtedly includes catering van insurance. No matter what vehicle you’ve chosen to launch your business, it likely represents a big investment in time, money and effort.

Insurance will provide cover if your coffee van or expensive equipment is stolen or damaged. It can also help with legal claims if employees or customers are injured or suffer damage as a result of your new coffee business.

Specialist catering insurance can come in many forms, so it's important to get the right cover for your venture. Speak to the team at Mobilers about your needs and get the right coverage for your mobile catering business today.

What catering van insurance cover do I need for a coffee van?

When it comes to protecting your coffee van with insurance, you’ll find there are a wide range of cover levels to choose from. The minimum level of cover you’ll need to take your coffee van on the road is Third Party Only insurance.

Third Party Only insurance is designed to deal with any damages third parties suffer caused by your coffee van in road accidents. But this type of insurance won’t cover any damages or losses you suffer.

If you're searching for catering van insurance quotes to save money, remember that the cheapest cover isn't always the best option. While third party insurance cover might cost less than other types of insurance, it only gives mobile caterers the basic level of protection.

Third Party, Fire and Theft is the next level of policy cover. In addition to damages caused to third parties, this will also cover you for accidental damage and theft of your vehicles.

For complete protection you’ll be looking at Fully Comprehensive insurance policies. These offer all the protection of the above as well as compensating you for any injuries or damage to your vehicles.

When comparing policies, check your documents carefully to find out what’s included as standard and what you might need to add as an optional extra.

With a coffee van at the heart of your business, there are a number of risks and liabilities you'll need to guard against. The amount of additional cover a coffee vehicle insurance policy provides will vary depending on the policy and insurance provider.

Other coffee vehicle insurance options include:

Equipment insurance

Apart from your coffee van itself, a commercial coffee machine is likely to be the most important purchase you make for your coffee business. You’ll want to protect this and any other valuable cooking equipment and property in case of damage or theft.

Stock insurance

Coffee lovers can be a discerning bunch. As well as high-quality coffee you’ll also want to stock those sweet little extras like cakes and pastries to meet demand. But if insurance is not in place and your stock is damaged, lost or stolen then business might come to a grinding halt.

Business interruption insurance

What happens if your coffee van business is unable to operate due to an unexpected event, such as a fire, staff illness or natural disaster? This cover could come to your rescue.

Breakdown cover

When you're on the way to an event, a catering van breakdown is the last thing you want. Breakdown cover is vital for keeping your business and catering van on track.

Legal expenses insurance

Legal expenses to defend your business from claims can be costly. Our legal expenses cover can help with that.

Personal accident cover

If you or a staff member suffer injury or illness whilst working, then personal accident cover should help meet any medical costs and compensation.

If your circumstances change, so will your risk. Speak to your insurer about the level of cover that's right for you.

Do you need to add product, public and employers' liability insurance to your coffee van insurance?

No matter how much care you take over your coffee, taking out the right catering liability insurance to complement your coffee van insurance policy is a key part of managing your business risk.

Liability insurance from Mobilers can protect you and your catering van business and comes in three liability insurance options.

Product liability cover

Has a customer fallen ill after consuming any of your food or drink? That could spell disaster for your business. Product liability insurance will help protect you from the fall-out.

Employers liability cover

If you employ people then it’s your legal responsibility to have an employers' liability insurance covers the cost of compensating employees who are injured at or become ill through work.

Public liability cover

Many local authorities and event organisers will require you to have public liability cover in case a member of the public suffers injury, disease or causes accidental property damage. Contact Mobilers to compare public liability insurance .

For more information on how to start a mobile coffee business, be sure to read this helpful guide.  It gives you the inside track on everything from branding and what drinks to serve to what coffee van insurance cover you might need.

Check your catering van insurance cost today

Securing the right insurance for your coffee vehicle is essential to help you get to your catering events.

You may need to provide a few extra details on the specifics of your vehicle but we want to help insure your livelihood in the same way as we would a regular van.

Some of the units we can arrange insurance for are converted horseboxes, caravans and modified bikes or trikes.

Policy benefits can include:*

  • Instant cover available
  • Fixtures and fittings cover
  • Stock cover
  • Flexible payment option

*All features and benefits are subject to eligibility and underwriting criteria

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